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Profil F4 Taiwan F4 (band)

F4 (band)


Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea.
Origin Taiwan
Other name(s) JVKV (April 29, 2007)
Occupation Singers, actors
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) Sony Music Entertainment (2001–2004)
Sony BMG (2004–2007)
Years active 2001–2003, 2007
Current Members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, Vic Chou
Official Website sonymusic.com.tw/pop/f4

F4 is a popular Taiwanese boy band. The group began in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden as F4 with members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. They have also attained popularity in other part of Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and in the Philippines.


 Musical career

F4 (2001–2002)

The Meteor Garden series is an adaptation of the Japanese shōjo manga series, ' (Hana Yori Dango). Yan plays the lead role of Dao Ming Si, an extremely arrogant and rich university student who meets his match in the poor but proud girl, Shan Cai - played by Barbie Hsu. Chou, Wu and Chu play his friends Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zuo, and Xi Men respectively. The four boys were the most popular and handsome boys at the university; they were recognised as the group named the "Flower Four", hence the title: F4.
Meteor Garden was released in Taiwan in 2001 and turned the leads into stars virtually overnight[citation needed]. In 2002 Meteor Garden was released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and in the Philippines in 2003. It was also released in some place of Europe. The series was aired on Xing Kong channel, and later remade title Meteor Shower, which was a commercial flop. A sequel, Meteor Garden II, was shot in Spain later and released in 2002.
In 2001, F4 became a boy-group and signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Together they have released three albums, Meteor Rain, Fantasy 4ever, and "Waiting for You Here". In 2002, F4 sang the Mandarin cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" included in the Asian version of Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch soundtrack.[1] The English version of this song is sung by A*Teens, which is a cover of the 1961 Elvis Presley hit of the same title. They also made the Mandarin cover of Yo Te Amo by Chayanne.

JVKV (April 29, 2007)

On April 29, 2007, Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai announced that the group would no longer be known as F4. The change in name stemmed from copyright-related issues. Japanese publisher Shueisha, who owns the copyright to Hana Yori Dango allowed the group to use F4 as its band name in 2001. However, as Japan had filmed and aired its own live action versions of the popular manga, with its own cast of four, the publisher felt that there may be confusion over the name in different countries.[2][3] Due to this conflict, the group was renamed JVKV using the first initials of each of the group's members. According to the producer, the members are listed in the new name by the order of their birth dates from oldest to youngest, thus Vanness Wu's name appears before Vic Chou's.[4]
Despite rumours of disbanding,[5] JVKV released their third album, Waiting For You, on December 28, 2007.[6] Their third album still bore the name F4, not JVKV.


F4 were the first foreign artists to hold 7 consecutive concerts in Japan. Thousands flooded Narita Airport when the band's plane touched down. Jerry Yan even attracted two thousand fans at the airport during his solo fan meeting.

Solo projects

JVKV are also concentrating on their solo careers in acting and music.
Wu has focused more of his attention on movies and music. He released his 2nd album, titled "V.Dubb" (his nickname), in April 2007, five years after his first album, "Body Will Sing", and has released his 3rd album titled "In Between 2008 new song + collection album" in June 2008. He's been in numerous music videos, such as "Ai Cuo" with Wang Leehom, the Chinese version of "Crazy in Love" with Beyoncé Knowles, and Coco Lee's "Hip Hop Tonight". He has also been involved with several big-screen movies such as "Star Runner", "Kung Fu Fighter", "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon", and "Dragon Squad", among others. Many of his movies relate to his love of stunts and martial arts.
In August 2004, Yan came out with his first solo album titled, "The First Time" (第一次 Jerry for You). He's acted in Taiwanese drama series such as "Spicy Teacher", "Meteor Garden", its sequel "Meteor Garden 2", "Meteor Rain", "Come To My place", "Love Scar", "The Hospital", and made a movie, "Magic Kitchen" 魔幻廚房 (2004). "Hot Shot" (2008) was broadcast in Taiwan, and "Starlit" aired in Taiwan in 2009. He is filming a new series, called "Down With Love", with Ella Chen of S.H.E.
Chou has come out with 3 solo albums, "Make a Wish" (2002), "Remember I Love You" (2004), and "I'm not F4" (2007), and has acted in at least one drama series every year since 2001, with the exception of 2003. Within the last year, he came out with two movies: "Linger" and "Tea Fight".
Chu, known to love food and cooking, came out with his own cookbook, "Delicious Relations" (美味關係) in 2006, after starring in a string of idol dramas. He has also starred in at least one drama per year since 2001, except 2005, where he came out with his own solo album, "On Ken's Time". He has released his 2nd solo album "2009 Getting Real new songs + collections album" in January 2009 (just before his birthday). He has filmed three movies to date. In a recent interview with F4, Chu has mentioned that he is growing increasingly more interested in music.
Three of the four appeared in "Wish To See You Again", starring Vic Chou and Ken Chu, while Vanness had guest appearances in a few episodes. Due to scheduling conflicts, Jerry Yan did not appear; his part was played by Kingone Wang. Yan filmed a series in Taiwan alongside Wu Chun of Fahrenheit and Show Luo, called "Hot Shot" which was released in the Summer 2008. The series revolves around basketball and the boys' competition on court. This series was highly anticipated due to the star status of thethree male leads.


 流星雨 (Meteor Rain) (November 2001)

  1. 流星雨 - (liu xing yu / Meteor Rain) - F4
  2. 我是真的真的很愛你 - (wo shi zhen de zhen de ai ni / I Truly Love You) - Jerry
  3. Here We Are - Ken
  4. 誰讓你流淚 (shei rang ni liu lei / Who Made You Cry?) - Vanness
  5. 為你執著 - (wei ni zhi zhuo / Persistence For You) - Vic
  6. 第一時間 - (di yi shi jian / First Time) - F4
  7. 要定你 - (yao ding ni / Setting On You) - Jerry
  8. 你不愛我愛誰? (ni bu ai wo ai shei - Who Do You Love If Not Me?) - Vanness
  9. 愛不會一直等你 - (ai bu hui yi zhi deng ni / Love Will Not Wait For You) - Ken
  10. 最特別的存在 - (zui te bie de cun zai / The Most Special Existence) - Vic

 Fantasy 4ever (January 2003)

  1. 絕不能失去你 (jue bu neng shi qu ni / Can't Lose You) - F4
  2. 煙火的季節 (yan huo de ji jue / Season of Fireworks) - F4
  3. 愛的領域 (ai de ling yu / Love's Terrain) - F4
  4. 一個人的冬季 (yi ge ren de dong ji / Lonely Winter) - Vic
  5. 晴天 - (qing tian / One Fine Day) - Ken
  6. 當你是朋友 (dang ni shi peng you / You As A Friend) - Vanness and Ken
  7. Te Amo我愛你 - (Te Amo/wo ai ni/I Love You) - F4
  8. 只有我 - (zhi you wo / Only I) - Jerry
  9. 心理測驗 (xin li ce yan - Psychological Test) - Vanness
  10. 怎麽會是你 - (zen me hui shi ni / How Is It You) - Vic
  11. Ask For More - F4
  12. Can't Help Falling in Love - F4

Waiting for you 在這裡等你 (28 December 2007)

  1. 體驗 (ti yan / Experience) - F4
  2. 在這裡等你 (zai zhe li deng ni / Waiting For You) - F4
  3. 你是我唯一的執著 (ni shi wo wei yi de zhi zhuo / You Are My Only Persistence) - Jerry
  4. Listen To Your Heart - Vanness
  5. 殘念 (can nian) - Vic
  6. 愛不停止 (ai bu ting zhi / Love Nonstop) - Ken
  7. 七天 (qi tian / seven days) - Sung by Vanness
  8. 白 (bai / White) - Vic
  9. 無所謂 (wu suo wei / Doesn't Matter) - Ken
  10. 我沒有辦法離開你 (wo mei you ban fa li kai ni / I Have No Way To Leave You) - Jerry


Profil FT Island

FT Island atau yang biasa disebut FTI adalah band dari korea yang lagi hot hot nya. FT Island adalah kepanjangan dari Five Treasure Island, dan emang bener mereka adalah harta karun paling berharga haha. 5 harta karun yang awalnya terdiri dari Oh Wonbin, Choi Jonghoon *naui namjachingu*, Lee Hongki, Lee jaejin dan Choi Minhwan ini telah menelurkan karya karya luar biasa BRILLIANT *lebay zzz*. band yang debut tahun 2007 ini bisa dibilang sebagai pemrakarsa band di korea *kebanyakan boyband*, dan sumpah lagunya asik aasik banget ga boong! haha. dan pada tahun 2009, formasi band ini berubah setelah Oh Wonbin meninggalkan kita semua.... untuk bersolo karir hehe dan digantikan oleh Song Seung Hyun yang tidak kalah gantengnya *berondong booo* berikut adalah profil dari masing masing personil.

Oh WonBin

sebagai dedikasi buat Wonbin oppa yang juga ikut andil dalam keberhasilan FTI, kita kasih profilny juga...
name : Oh WonBin
nickname : Mischiavous Wonbin
blood type : O
height : 180 cm
weight : 63 kg
best feature : dimples, smile
talents : martial arts, harmonica
hobbies : sports, reading, litening to music
birthday : March 26, 1990
education : Seongji High School
attending Gyeonggi University since March 2009, majoring in digital music
other work : sang for "you're beautiful" OST with Miss $ (after departure from FT Island)

Choi Jonghoon

its mine! dia jd leader FTI sejak tahun 2009 menggantikan Oh Wonbin yang memilih berolo karir, kelihatannya emang kalem orangnya... padahal tengil, konyol. dan dia termasuk cowok terganteng yang pernah gw liat haha

Name: Choi JongHun
Korean Name : 최종훈
DOB: Mar, 07th 1990, Seoul
Bloodtype: A
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
School: 신동신정보산업고등학교 2학년 (ShinDongShinJung BoSan School 2nd Year)
Hobby: Making Music, Internet
Family: Parents, JongHun
Talents: Piano
Nickname: SexyJonghun
Best Points: Nose
Position in band: Leader!
What I like: Food & music
Motto: Think & always do something (or move forward) *I'm not sure at all, sorry!
For my future love: "I'll buy something for you, may I? What do you want? ^^;" *aku cuma pengen kamu kok hoon, ahaaay*

Lee Hongki

sang vokalis yang udah malang melintang di jagat kpop ini juga punya kerjaan baru yaitu dia mulai merambah ke dunia akting, lewat You're Beautiful dia menunjukan tajinya *de'ileh bahasanya*. berperan sebagai jeremy dan turut mengisi OST nya membuat karirnya makin mantap di korea.

Name: Lee HongKi
DOB: Mar 02 1990 (solar calendar), Feb 06th (lunar calendar)
Bloodtype: AB.
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
School: (SungJiGo School)
Hobby: Singing, Listening to Music, Soccer, Games (Board&internet), Cooking
Family: Parents, younger sister, Hongki
Talents: Singing, Soccer
Nickname: (Cute Rebellion/Oppostion)
Best Points: Smiling Eyes
Position in band: Lead vocal.
What I like: Besides pimiento I like all!! Whatever!! & I really really like things that make me palpitated.
Motto: Do I know it?
For my future love: "Let's try our best! If I can't do well, please understand & forgive me"

Lee Jaejin

jaejin, cowok imut ini imuuuuuuut banget apalagi kalo lagi ngebass (maenin bass nya) jadi keliatan gimanaaaaa gituuu haha

Name: Lee JaeJin
Korean Name : 이재진
Position : Vocalist, Rapper, Guitar and Bass. (Guitar and Vocal in FT Triple.)
DOB: Dec 17th 1991
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood: A
School: 선유고등학교 1학년 (SunYoo High School 1st year)
Hobby: Surfing the Internet, Asking questions to music teachers & sunbaes
Family: Parents, Older Sister, Jaejin
Talents: Bass, listening to music
Nickname: 자진이 (JahJinnie)
Best Points: Lips
Position in band: Bassist
What I like: money ... food ... music
Motto: Do well the works that are for me!
For my future love: "Saranghae" *saranghaeyo oppa*

Choi Minhwan

wah drummer berkharisma ini meang bisa bikin klepek klepek cewe cewe, apalagi kalo dia udah nunjukin keimutannya, apalagi kalo lagi maen drum sambil menggembungkan pipinya wuiiiih lucu cekaliii

Name: Choi MinHwan
Korean Name : 최 민 환
Position : Vocalist, Drums, (Vocalist,Drummer in FT Triple)
DOB: Nov 11th 1992
Blood type: A
Height: 171cm
Weight: 55kg
School: 양화중학교 3학년 (YangHwa Junior High School 3rd year)
Hobby: Making Music
Family: Parents, Younger Sibling, Minhwan
Talents: Drum, eating CHICKEN!
Nickname; 사오정 (SahOhJung)
Best Points: Cuteness
Position in band: Drummer - backbone of F.T Island!
What I like: Chicken!!
Motto: There's no tomorrow for me!?
For my future love: "My lovely beautiful girlfriend, plz take care of your health. Luv you!" *loveyou... eh ampun kere*

Song Seunghyun

para wanita, satu lagi pria berkharisma dari FTI, proudly present SONG SEUNGHYUN. gitaris yang gantiin Wonbin ini sempet diragukan awalnya oleh penggemar FTI tapi lama lama dia bisa nunjukin kalo dia emang pantes ada di FTI. cowo yang cuma beda dua tahun ama gw ini *penting banget* malahan terus meningkat fansnya dari hari ke hari, selain karena ganteng dan skillful, dia juga humoris, mungkin itu salah satu daya pikat dia *ooooh*

Name: Song SeungHyun
Korean name: 송승현
DOB: 21st August 1992
Bloodtype: O
Height: 180cm
Star Sign: Leo
Position in band: Vocalist, rapper, guitarist


Biodata Profile FAHRENHEIT

Fahrenheit adalah boyband Taiwan yang terdiri dari empat orang anggota, Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, dan Aaron Yan. Masing-masing merepresentasikan empat musim, Calvin Chen direpresetasikan dengan musim semi yang hangat, Jiro Wang sebagai musim panas; Wu Zun direpresentasikan dengan musim gugur dan Aaron Yan direpresentasikan dengan musim dingin. Mereka menjadi terkenal di Taiwan berkat melejitnya serial drama yang dibintangi anggota Fahrenheit seperti Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, KO One, dan Tokyo Juliet. Album perdana mereka yang berjudul Fahrenheit laku keras, dan begitu pula book foto pertama mereka. Pada acara penandatanganan buku foto, mereka setidaknya harus menandatangani 25 ribu buku foto yang sudah dibeli para penggemar.
Pada awalnya, Perusahaan Comic Enterprise memang ingin mencari profil 4 anak muda yang bisa menggantikan model F4 yang pernah menggemparkan Asia. Ternyata usaha Comic Enterprise tidak sia-sia, hanya dengan waktu 2 tahun dilatih, ke empat anak muda ini sudah mangguncang seluruh Asia. Rasanya hampir tidak ada grup Taiwan yang lebih popular dari mereka.


Panggilan : A Lun
Nama Popular : Yan Ya Lun
Nama Asli : Wu Geng Lin
Profesi : Penyanyi, Aktor
TTL : Taiwan, 20 November 1986
Tinggi : 177 Cm
Berat : 60 Kg
Zodiak : Scorpio
Serial Drama : Tao Hua Love Conquers All (2008), Pi Li Mit (The Clue Collector) (2008),
It Started With A Kiss 2 (CTV, 2007),
The X-Family (GTV, 2007),
Ko One (GTV, 2005), It Started With A Kiss (CTV, 2005),
An Shi Ai Mei Hui (Azio, 2004)


Panggilan : Yi Ru
Nama Popular : Calvin
Nama Asli : Chen Yi Ru
Profesi : Aktor, Penyanyi
TTL : Taiwan, 10 November 1980
Tinggi : 184 Cm
Berat : 65 Kg
Zodiak : Scorpio
Gol. Darah : A
Serial Drama : Romantic Princess (CTV, 2007),
The X-Family (GTV, 2007),
Ko One (GTV, 2005), It Started With A Kiss
(CTV, 2004), Sunshine Boyz (2004)


Panggilan : Da Dong
Nama Popular : Jiro Wang
Nama Asli : Wang Da Dong
Profesi : Aktor, Penyanyi dan Model
TTL : Taiwan, 24 Agustus 1981
Tinggi : 180Cm
Berat : 67 Kg
Zodiak : Virgo
Gol. Darah : O
Serial Drama : Superstar Express (2008), Jia You! Dan Cao Fan (2008),
It Started With A Kiss 2 (CTV, 2007),
The X-Family (GTV, 2007),
Hanazakirino Kimitacihe (GTV, 2006), Ko One (GTV, 2005),
It Started With A Kiss (CTV, 2005), The Pawn Shop No.8 (2004)


Panggilan : Wu Zun
Nama Asli : Go Kiat Chun
Profesi : Aktor, Penyanyi dan Model
TTL : Taiwan, 10 Oktober 1980
Tinggi : 181Cm
Berat : 73 Kg
Zodiak : Libra
Gol. Darah : O
Serial Drama : Butterfly lovers (2008), Basketball Fire (2008), Romantic Princess (CTV, 2007),
The X-Family (GTV, 2007), Hanazakirino Kimitacihe (GTV, 2006)
Tokyo Juliet (GTV, 2006),
Ko One (GTV,2005)

SeRiaL dRaMa
Serial drama yang mereka mainkan selalu sukses dengan rating tinggi. Tak hanya dengan modal tampan dan suara bagus, Fahrenheit juga mempunyai kemampuan acting yang bagus. Memang, keempat pemuda ini memulai karir mereka dengan bermain film, tapi mereka bisa bekerja sama dengan baik dan tetap saling menghargai satu sama lainnya. Inilah kilasan salah satu Serial Drama yang dimainkan oleh anggota Fahrenheit.
THe X-FaMiLy…

CeRita SiNgKat…
Selain waktu dan tempat yang kita tinggali, ada 12 dimensi yang hidup di sekitar Mojie, sebuah dimensi di mana tempat para hantu hidup. Dan cerita ini dimulai di sebuah dimensi emas, Ketika Da Dong bersama geng-nya tinggal dan menemukan kekuatan hitam yang muncul dari Mojie. Setelah anggota geng-nya itu kehilangan kekuatannya di pertempuran terakhir, Xiu berkelana ke dimensi lain untuk menemukan kekuatan alternatif dari Da Dong. Pencariannya berakhir pada bocah bernama Xia Tian dari dimensi besi. Bocah ini memiliki kekuatan yang luar biasa yang terkurung oleh Fenglongtie. Bila Xiu mampu memanfaatkan kekuatan tersebut, bocah itu mampu mentelamatkan dunia dari tangan Mojie.
Xia tian mempunyai seorang kakak Ma Gua bernama Xia Yu dan seorang adik perempuan bernama Xia Mei. Ibu Xia Tian yaitu Xia Xiong, mempunyai sebuah senjata yang kuat dan ditakuti oleh para Mojie yaitu Wu Feng. Ayah Xia Tian yaitu Ye Si Ren, sebenarnya adalah seorang iblis yang baik. Dia rela melepaskan kewajiban untuk menjadi Raja iblis dan menikahi seorang manusia.
PaRa PeMaiN…
Xia FaMiLy…
Xia Xiong diperankan oleh Pauline Lan
Xia Tian diperankan oleh Jiro Wang
Xia Yu diperankan oleh Danson Tang
Xia Mei diperankan oleh Huang Xiao Rou
Kakek diperankan oleh Chen Bo Zheng
PeMaiN PeNdUKuNg…
Lan Lin Wang diperankan oleh Calvin Chen
Jiu Wu diperankan oleh Aaron Yan
Huo Yan Shi Zhe diperankan oleh Wu Zun
Han diperankan oleh Cai Han Cen
Shen Xing Zhe diperankan oleh George Hu
Ye Si Ren diperankan oleh Na Wei Xun
Hu Yan Xiu diperankan oleh Chen De Xiu
A Chord diperankan oleh A Chord
Film The X-Family (Zhong Ji Yi Jia) disebut-sebut sebagai sekuel dari Film Ko One (Zhong Ji Yi Ban). Karena peran-peran yang ada di dimensi emas adalah peran-peran yang terdapat di film Ko One, misalnya Da Dong.
Setelah mantap dengan kualitas menyanyinya, Fahrenheit meneluarkan album pertamanya yang berjudul sama yaitu “Fahrenheit”. Tidak perlu lama-lama, cukup dalam waktu seminggu saja album mereka laku keras di pasaran. Mereka menjadikan “Wo Yao Wo De Young” sebagai single pertama mereka. Fahrenheit juga berduet dengan Hebe (SHE) dalam lagu “Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jie” yang menjadi soundtrack Serial “Tokyo Juliet” yang diperankan oleh Wu Zun dan Ariel Lin.

Album kedua Fahrenheit juga sudah keluar dengan judul “Two Sided Fahrenheit”. Di album kedua ini mereka menampilkan 2 sisi yang ada di dalam diri mereka. Untuk kedua kalinya Fahrenheit berkolaborasi dengan senior mereka “SHE” dalam lagu “Xin Wo”. Lagu “Xin Wo” juga menjadi soundtrack film “Romantic Princess”.Album kedua Fahrenheit juga berisi lagu-lagu soundtrack The X-Family, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe dan lagu duet Aaron yaitu “Tiamo” (Track 5).

Dan mereka telah merilis album berbahasa Jepang berjudul “Stay With You”.


Fahrenheit: Their First Self-Titled Album
1. 我有我的Young I Have My Youth (Wo You Wo De Young)
2. 夏雪 Summer Snow (Xia Xue)
3. 只對你有感覺 Only Have Feelings For You (Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue) - featuring Hebe from S.H.E.
4. 一個人流浪 Wandering Alone (Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang)
5. 找幸福給你 Finding Happiness For You (Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni)
6. 愛到 Loved Enough (Ai Dao)
7. 出口 Exit (Chu Kou)
8. 2月30號見 Meet on February 30th (2 Yue 30 Hao Jian)
9. 請在我後悔之前離開我 Please Leave Me Before I Regret (Qing Zai Wo Hou Hui Zhi Qian Li Kai Wo)
10. 不死之謎 The Secret of Immortality (Bu Si Zhi Mi)
11. 只對你有感覺 Only Have Feelings For You (Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue) - featuring Hebe from S.H.E (健康活力Remix 版-Commercial Remix)

Two Sided Fahrenheit aka Xuang Mian Fei Lun Hai
1. 新窩 Xin Wo (New Home) - featuring S.H.E
2. 為你存在 Wei Ni Cun Zai (Existing For You)
3. 出神入化 Chu Shen Ru Hua (Superb)
4. 不會愛 Bu Hui Ai (Will Not Love)
5. Ti Amo (I Love You) - Aaron Yan & Liu Li Yang duet
6. 愛的王道 Ai De Wang Dao (Love's Royalty)
7. 心理有數 Xin Li You Shu (You Know)
8. 明日香 Ming Ri Xiang (Tomorrow's Fragrance)
9. 至少還有我 Zhi Shao Hai You Wo (At Least You Still Have Me)
10. 一萬個快樂 Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le (Ten Thousand Joys)
11. 小小大人物 Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu (Small Yet Significant Character)
12. 新窩 Xin Wo (New Home) - 男生宿舍版 Nan Sheng Su She Ban (Male Students' Dormitory Version)
13. 超喜歡你 Chao Xi Huan Ni (I Really, Really Like You)

Profil Double B 21

Boyband Baru “Double B 21″

KBoyband baru ini punya angka lebih besar dari 20Star, Double B 21.
Group baru racikan dari Xing Entertainment ini telah merilis music video nya yang berjudul “One”. Double B 21 yang angotanya berjumlah 21 orang ini rencananya akan debut pada September mendatang. Disamping itu, di dalam boyband ini terdapat 2 orang yang merupakan anggota dari group Xing, namun belum diketahui siapa saja kedua orang tersebut.
Seperti yang terlihat dalam videonya, wajah mereka seperti sengaja tidak diperlihatkan secara jelas. Tampaknya Xing Entertainment ingin memastikan bahwa kita mendengarkan suaranya terlebih dahulu daripada wajahnya. inilah MV mereka yang berjudul “One”.

Profil 20Star

Profile new 20Star

Kamis, 11 November 2010

Profil GP Basic



Hannah(헤나) --- Leader
Korean Name: YaeJu 예주
DOB: March 30 - 1996
Weight: 38kg

Korean Name: SoHee 소희
DOB: April 6 - 1996
Height: 164cm
Weight: 44kg

Leah (레아)
Korean Name: YooHyun 유현
DOB: July 25 - 1996
Height: 161cm
Weight: 42kg

Korean Name: HyeSun 혜선
DOB: September 9 - 1996
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg

Amet (에밋)
Korean Name: YeonHee 연희
DOB: October 14 - 1996
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg

Janey(제이니) --- Maknae
Korean Name: SeungMee  승미
DOB: December 14 - 1998
Weight: 34kg

Profil Free Star

Introducing New Girlgroup Free Star

Sekarang banyak terdapat group baru yang akan debut pada tahun ini, bagaimanapun group baru sebelum menjadi yang digilai akan sedikit tidak terkenal, setidaknya dengan girl groups
Brand new girl group Free star baru-baru ini memasuki dunia kpop, sedikit gambaran dari debut mereka adalah hit single Diss dimana ditulis oleh 4Tune’s J-Rod. Membernya mempunyai pegalaman acting di film dan drama musical dan mempunyai keahlian dalam berbagai macam dance. Free Star dapat menjadi seperti Kpop girl groups lainya atau malah mendapat sesuatu yang lebih. Kita akan liat saat mereka merilis single debut mereka. pada tanggal Groupnya sendiri terdapat 4 personil,
Members are:
민정 (Min Jung) [main vocal],
CEO [Leader],
TK [Rapper, dancer], and
담유 (Dam Yoo) [vocal].

프리 스타 (Free Star)
Fly Music http://www.daenter.co.kr/
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민정 (Min Jung) [main vocal]
Full name:
권민정 (Kwon Min Jung)
Born: February 9, 1993

CEO [Leader]
Real name:
정지은 (Jung Ji Eun)
Born: November 24, 1989

TK [Rapper, dancer]
Real name:
김정민 (Kim Jung Min)
Born: January 9, 1992

담유 (Dam Yoo) [vocal]
Full name:
이담유 (Lee Dam Yoo)
Born: September 8, 1991 (Kwang Joo)

Diss (Single)
01. Diss
02. Diss (Inst.)
Diss Practice Video
TK + Min Jung Interview
CEO + Dam Yoo Interview
Group Interview/ Diss Intro
Diss @ Guerilla Concert
Love Battery Cover @ Guerilla Concert

profil U-Kiss

U-Kiss (유키스) adalah boy band korea 7-anggota di bawah NH Media. Mereka memulai debutnya tahun 2008 dengan satu album yang berjudul "어리지 않아" (Tidak Young). Single pertama mereka dikatakan perpaduan dari kpop khas serta "selatan kotor" gaya yang seluruhnya terdiri oleh Brave Brothers.
U-Kiss terdiri dari 6 anak laki-laki - dua di antaranya berasal dari atau adalah mantan anggota kelompok lain, Xing (Kevin dan Kibum). Mereka adalah kelompok multi-bahasa yang memungkinkan mereka untuk berkomunikasi dengan penggemar di Korea, Inggris, Perancis, Cina, Jepang, Portugis, dan Spanyol.

U-Kiss Stand Untuk:

U- Ubiquitous
K- Korean
I- International (Idol)
S- Super
S- Star
Hal ini menunjukkan niat mereka menjadi sebuah kelompok internasional dengan kemampuan anggota untuk berkomunikasi dengan bahasa yang berbeda. Alexander dapat berbicara dalam tujuh bahasa (Spanyol, Portugis, Jepang, Kanton, Mandarin, Korea dan Inggris). Dia memiliki bakat untuk bahasa. Eli adalah mengartikulasikan dalam bahasa Inggris, Korea dan Mandarin dan Dongho dalam bahasa Mandarin. Kevin fasih berbahasa Inggris dan Kibum bisa berbahasa Jepang. Mereka tidak hanya siap untuk Asia, tetapi juga bagi AS dan Eropa juga.

Pofile U-kiss
Nama : Woo Sung Hyun
Nama Panggilan : Kevin
D.O.B : 25 November 1991
W/H : 56 kg/ 181cm
Blood type : O
Miss Right : Go Ah Ra
Keluarga : Orangtua
Hobi : nonton film, bermusik, baca buku
Keahlian : poppin dance, main gutar, piano, English
Facts about him : – mantan member XING bareng Ki Bum
-deket banget ma ki Bum
- dia tinggal di California/San Fransisco
- fluent Englishnya
- jadi VJ bareng Alexander n VJ Isak diacara “All About You”
- dia juga jadi sasaran bullying kayak Eli so, dia belajar Martial Art selama 5 tahun

Nama : Kim Kyoung Jae
Nama Panggilan : Eli (baca:Ilai)
D.O.B : 13 Maret 1991
W/H : 60 kg/175 cm
Blood Type : O
Miss Right : Yoon Eun Hye
Hobi : nonton film, main musik
Keluarga : orang tua, kakak perempuan n adik perempuan
Keahlian : Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu *watau ! *, China, English, ngeRap
Facts about Him :
- lahir di LA then pindah ke Beijing untuk belajar jadi dia bisa bahasa Mandarin
- belajar kung fu selama 12 tahun
- can speak English fluently
- jadi korban bullying di sekolahnya waktu di L.A
Name: Lee Kiseop/Kisup/Kiseop
Birthdate: 17 January 1991
Blood Type: A

Tinggi : 180
Berat : 60 kg
Family : orangtua, kakak perempuan
Spesi : Taekwondo [kkk mirip Eli ya^^ jago taekwondo..hayo~ siapa yang mau jadi ceweknya Ki Seob?? dijamin deh bakal damai sentosa kkk], dance, acting
Hobi : musik, fotografi, bermain piano, acting
Posisi : vokal

* he is an ulzzang! maksudnya punya best face gto daaah!!!

Nih orang pernah muncul di mv ukiss -not young- cek-cek ajaaaa waktu ada adegan ngejatohin i-pod …
Mianhe baru segini profilnyaaaa..so,ntar bisa berubah lagi ada tambahan apa gituuuu….

Nama : Shin Dong Ho
Nama Panggilan : Dong Ho
D.O.B : 29 Juni 1994
W/H : 65 kg/ 175 cm
Blood type : B
Miss Right : Unknown ( yg jelas yg seumuran biar bisa ngerjain tugas bareng*asal jgn contek-contekan yaaaa*)
Hobi : main golf, dengerin musik, baca buku, main sepak bola
Keahlian : bahasa China, main drum
Kekluarga : Orang tua, kakak laki-laki
Facts about him : – paling muda(magnae) diantara member lain
- pernah tinggal di China so fluent banget Mandarinnya
- a lil bit in english
- can play gitar
- known as Cutie Magnae and Totoy Cornrows
- dia cengeng *tapi teteup cowok bangetz !*
Nama : Kim Ki Bum
Nama Panggilan : Ki Bum
D.O.B : 29 Desember 1990
H/W : 53 kg/180 cm
Blood Type : O
Miss Right : Dana Han
Keahlian : Compose music, poppin, dance, Japanese, piano, acting
Hobi : main musik, berenang, membaca
Keluarga : Orangtua, Kakak laki-laki
Facts about him :
- dia merupakan leader di u-kiss
- kakaknya Kin Hyung Joon merupakan member SS501
- mantan member boyband XING bareng Kevin
- bareng kakaknya, dia compose music bareng. N mereka menyebut nama tim mereka adlah H&B n satu lagu mereka adlah “ Want It” yang dinyanyiin SS501
- dia digosipin numpang beken pake nama abangnya *what a poor man *
- so close with Kevin sejak di XING

Nama panggilan : SOO HYUN
D.O.B : 11 Maret 1989
W/H: 67 kg/181 cm
Blood Type : A
Miss Right : Minzy (2NE1)
Keluarga : orangtua, kakak perempuan n adik perempuan
Keahlian : Dance, R&B, main sepak bola, nyanyi n main piano
Hobi: Nge-gym, main game computer
Fakta about him :
- dia pernah dilatih dibawah naungan Good Entertainment n JYP Entertainment
- dia deket ma member 2PM n 2AM
- dia pernah nangis dipojokan panggung sehabis perform gara-gara dia ada ngelakuin kesalahan dalam performnya *cup,cup,cup aku disini bersamamu oppa*. Dia merasa bersalah banget . . . hiks hiks . . .
- kemampuan nyanyinya sungguh luarrrrrr biasa. Aku sampe merinding ngedenger dia nyanyi “I believe I can fly” n “because of you-ne yo”. Dua lagu ini dipake oppa buat audisinya * ow,pantesan . . .*
- sebelum debutnya di U-Kiss, oppa kita ini udah sering tuh ikutan kompetisi nyanyi n sering banget pulang bawa piala *WOOOOOW*
- dia sosok pekerja keras banget coz karena terobsesinya dia buat masuk TV dia ngikutin semua audisi n dia gag pernah ngerasa capek, dia selalu merasa gag pernah puas dengan yang dia lakuin *plok plok plok plok*
- dia sayang banget ma mua member especially ma Dong Ho(the youngest member). Dia selalu nyari dong ho kalau dong ho gag ada didepan matanya * ah oppa,cariin aku juga donk,hehehe*
- paling bagus bahasa koreanya din\banding member lain, secara dia pure korea . .
- Waktu konser debut pertamanya ngaku nervous banget “ sampai mau mati”,katanya
- Dalam reality show “all about u-kiss” yang disiarin M-Net, soo hyun ngedance “ rainism-rain “ diatas kereta ! ! waa . . sumpe,kurrrren banget dah !
- Kisah cinta soo hyun oppa gag semulus karirnya . . .
Nama panggilan : Xander
D.O.B : 29 July 1989
W/H : 63 kg/181 cm
Blood type : O
Miss Right : Son Dam Bi and Lee Hyori
Keluarga : Orangtua, kakak perempuan
Keahlian : Bahasa Jepang, Prancis, Inggris, China, Spanyol, Kanton, Hokkien, n ngeRap, Hobi : nonton, dengerin musik, berfoto
Facts about him :
- blasteran abissss . . . campuran portugis china n korea ( ibunya korea, ayanhnya setengah portugis n china) *kombinasi yang sempurna, ck ck ck ck*
- dia jadi VJ bareng Kevin dalam acara ‘Pops In Seoul’ bareng Isak(VJ) sekmen yang mereka pandu adalah sekmen “ All About You “ dimana kita bisa curhat ke mereka tentang masalah kita n mereka coba cari solusinya
- oppa yang satu ini demen ngaca. Kacanya girly banget, warnanya silver . . .
- dia ngaku lebih seksi dari Park Bom(2NE1)
- lahir dan tinggal di Macau n pindah ke California buat sekolah trus balik ke Hongkong buat jadi MC n now he is in u-kiss
- his grandpa die 1 minggu before ulang tahunnya tahun kemarin(2008)


Before their debut, U-Kiss had already garnered a lot of fans due to Kevin and KiBum being former members of Xing, and also KiBum, being the 'Dongsaeng' or the little brother of the youngest SS501 member, Kim HyungJoon. It was rumored then that Yume, another former member of Xing, would join U-Kiss, but it turned out to be just a rumor that created a lot of fuss from their fans.

Debut: August 15, 2008

The newly formed 6-members boyband “U-Kiss” ( which stands for Ubiquitous Korean Idol or International Super Star) debuted under the label-company NH Media. The boys debuted in Japan on the 15th of August at the POWER OF ATAMIX with SS501 and PARAN. Later on they made their first performance in Korea on M!NET MCOUNTDOWN with their first single ‘Not Young’ on the 28th of August. Noticeable members in the group are Kevin Woo and Kim Kibum who used in Xing. The four other members names are Eli, Alexander, Shin Dong Ho and Shin Soo Hyun.

Comeback: February 3, 2009

Group U-Kiss is back with their 2nd single album “Bring it back 2 Old School”. They are back with the 90's old school style and they had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on 1st February. ‘I Like You’ the title song off their new single, it is a 80-90's old pop genre and their fashion style of their comeback will be luxury vintage which is popular amongst the young people those days. U-Kiss single album “Bring It Back to Old School” released online on 3rd February.

Yoshimoto Group Invests U-Kiss

Idol group U-Kiss has been considered for a 150 billion KRW worth collaboration project between Japan and Korea.
It has been revealed that a famous entertainment company in Japan Yoshimoto Group has invested 150 billion KRW to groom U-Kiss. With members proficient in 7 international languages like English and Japanese, the Yoshimoto Group hopes to make U-Kiss into an internationally known group.
U-Kiss‘ company NH Media will work with the visual production group from Yoshimoto on the plans for the group. The last time we saw such a huge collaboration to groom an artist was in 2004 where SM Enteratinment and AVEX worked together to groom BoA.

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Profil T-ARA

T-ARA (Tiara) Profile
Member Profile

Name: Park Jiyeon
Birthday: June 7, 1993
Position: Vocalist

Name:Park Injung
Stage Name: Soyeon
Birthday: October5, 1987
Position: Main Vocalist

Name: Ham Eunjung
Birthday: December 12, 1988
Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper

Name: Jeon Boram
Birthday: March 26, 1986
Position: Leader,Vocalist

Name: Lee Jihyeon
Stage Name: Q-ri
Birthday: December 12, 1986
Position: Sub-Vocalist

Name: Park Sunyoung
Stage Name: Hyomin
Birthday: May 30, 1989
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Position: Vocalist
Birth name: Ryu Hwa-young (류화영)
Birthdate: 1993 (Age 17)
Height: 168

Profil Secret

Secret – Girlband Baru (Lagi)

I wonder if anyone still remember me :D

Setelah 2NE1, 4Minute dan f(x), ada lagi entertainment yang ngikut tren bikin girlband. Hari ini TS Entertainment selesai me-reveal semua anggota grup barunya which is called ‘Secret’. Sebagai perkenalan mereka akan muncul di Mnet dengan reality show ‘Secret Story’ tanggal 21 September mendatang.

Profile (dari kiri ke kanan):
Name: Jeon HyoSung

DOB: October 13, 1989 (19)
Position: Leader
Background: Pemenang kontes menyanyi Battle Shinhwa (2005). Harusnya debut bersama Uee dan Yoobin di grup ‘Five Girls’, tapi disband.

Name: Song Ji Eun

DOB: May 5, 1990 (19)
Position: Main Vocal
Background: Mengisi soundtrack Air City (Learning to Fly), Bichunmoo (Bichunmoo Ga), Lawyers of Korea (Perfume) dan bekerja sama dengan Untouchable di lagu ‘Give You All’.

Name: Zinger

DOB: February 2, 1990 (19)
Position: Rapper

Name: Han SunHwa

DOB: October 6, 1990 (18)
Position: Maknae / Vocal
Background: Bekerja sama dengan Untouchable untuk lagu ‘My Boo’.

Honestleee… menurut gue akan susah bagi girlband dari perusahaan yang kurang terkenal untuk bersaing dengan ‘produk’ seperti 2NE1 dan f(x), kecuali kalau kemampuan nyanyi dan nari mereka bisa dibanggakan. 2NE1 sangat karismatik, 4Minute enerjik, f(x) overall bisa dibanggakan, and as for Secret? Well, let’s wait and see.

Profil DJ Doc

DJ DOC adalah grup hip hop Korea. DOC adalah singkatan dari "Dream Anak". Populer di akhir 1990-an, kelompok ini rilis terakhir album pada 29 Juli 2010. DJ DOC akan sering terlihat di produksi hidup dengan 45RPM grup musik yang serupa dan duo hip hop Jinusean. Isi

* 1 Anggota
* 2 Diskografi
o 2.1 Singles
o 2.2 Album
o 2.3 Kompilasi

* Kim, Chang ryul (Karkas)

Tanggal Lahir: 1973 12-26
Pasangan: jangchaehui Jang ChaeHee
Pendidikan: Bandar Udara Sekolah Tinggi
Debut: 1994 년 DJ DOC 1 album, kesengsaraan Superman
Afiliasi Group: DJ DOC
Perusahaan: Buddha Sounds
Afiliasi Komunitas: Cyworld fan club populer

* Lee, Ha Neul 

(yihaneul) (yigeunbae Lee, Geun Bae) 
(lahir pada tanggal 3 Mei 1971)

* Jung, Jae Yong 

(Jung Jae Yong) 
(lahir pada tanggal 7 Juli 1973)
Diskografi Single

* Satu Malam, 2002 (digital tunggal)
* Jalan Hidup, 2003

1. DJ. DOC, 1994
2. Hukum Murphy, 1995
3. Winter's Tale, 1996
4. ALBUM 4, 1998
5. Kehidupan ... Doc Blues 5%, 2000
6. Love & Sex & Kebahagiaan, 2004
7. Puitis, 2010

* Dance Dengan 1.999 DOC,
* The Best DJ. Doc, 2000
* Season's Greeting, 2000
* 1994, 2001
* DJ DOC Terbaik (Summer & Winter cerita), 2001